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Get a digital solution for the Transparency Act today.

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    Information requirement

    Interested parties can easily submit a request with a name or anonymously for information on how the organization handles diligence. 



    Our solution is set up according to best practices in line with the Transparency Act, OECD's guidelines, and international laws.


    Due Diligence

    Conduct due diligence assessments of your organization, supply chain, and map out risks.

    Get full control of your supply chain with TransparencyGate


    Overview of Suppliers

    You get a good overview of the suppliers, assessments of due diligence, risks, and other information you desire. You can map out risks, appoint someone responsible for it, and follow up on control measures.

    Statistics and reporting

    Gather statistics for due diligence development, risk, or freely select data. You can retrieve statistics on the number of information requests and what information is being requested.



    Response to information requests

    According to the Transparency Act, every company must respond to information requests from the public within 3 weeks. We have developed an intuitive solution that makes this easy and safe for both your organization and the public.


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    Why use TransparencyGate?

    Cost-Effectiveness through Time Savings

    With a good portal for managing the Transparency Act, organizations can save significant time, with the help of:

    1. Automated Reporting: The portal can automate the reporting process, so you don't need to spend time on manual collection and compilation of data.

    2. Easy Access: All necessary information and documentation can be available in one place, saving time in the search process.

    3. Alerts and Reminders: The portal can send alerts and reminders about important deadlines and tasks, helping you avoid delays.

    4. Data Analysis: TransparencyGate has analysis tools that can quickly generate insights from your data, which in turn can save time when you need to assess compliance.

    Reporting tool

    TransparencyGate is a reporting tool that can be shared with key personnel internally or externally to demonstrate compliance with laws and directives.

    Enhanced Reputation and Trust

    A portal for managing the Transparency Act provides a clear indication of an organization's commitment to responsible and transparent operations. This can help build trust among customers, partners, and regulatory authorities, and improve your reputation as a reliable actor in the industry.

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