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NFF's experiences

"Three full years with the reporting channel have given NFF a better overview of incidents that were not previously reported and made it easier for everyone involved in football to report unwanted events.
The reporting channel has been positively received, and the clubs have shown good handling when involved in a case.
Despite successful experiences, NFF still has a task ahead of them to increase awareness about the reporting channel and create a sense of security that it is safe to report, as well as to continue training for case handlers."

Best regards

Rasmus Olstad Semmerud
Subject Area Manager, Fair Play and Inclusion, Club and Activity
Norges Fotballforbund
Phone: +47 975 70 972

Rasmus Olstad Semmerud

Frydenbø Group

«Frydenbø Group is a well-established family-owned conglomerate with strong roots in Bergen. With over 800 employees across four different business areas and a widespread geographical presence in Norway, the company faces the challenge of maintaining and strengthening its core values in an ever-changing business environment.

Despite Frydenbø Group emphasizing value-creating ownership and having a clear focus on world-class quality and service, there may be objectionable conditions internally within the organization. The leadership is aware of its limitations in having a full overview of all activities within the organization, and it can be challenging to identify and address potential issues at an early stage.

Frydenbø Group has implemented measures to ensure a positive work environment and prevent objectionable conditions. An important step in this direction is the introduction of "MittVarsel," a reporting system that provides employees with a secure channel to report objectionable conditions they observe or experience. With clear ethical guidelines and transparent reporting procedures, the company aims to foster an open culture where employees feel safe reporting concerns.

An employee at Frydenbø Group, upon learning about the MittVarsel initiative, chooses to use the platform to report potentially objectionable conditions in their work environment. The individual carefully describes the situation and provides relevant information that can help understand and address the problem.
The management, receiving the report through, promptly takes action by initiating an internal investigation.

Thanks to the early report from the employee, the objectionable conditions are identified and addressed before escalating. The management takes necessary steps to rectify the situation, sending clear signals that Frydenbø Group takes reporting procedures and ethical behavior seriously. This strengthens the organization's reputation both internally and externally, emphasizing the company's commitment to maintaining a safe and ethical work environment.


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Gjensidige Forsikring

Gjensidige Forsikring is a Nordic insurance company that also operates in the Baltic region. The company has around 4000 employees. Gjensidige takes whistleblowing very seriously, and all employees are strongly encouraged to speak up if they experience any reprehensible conditions. Previously, we used an anonymized email service as a channel for whistleblowing.

The transition to MittVarsel/MyVoice marked a significant upgrade and improved handling of alerts, especially since we can now also communicate with anonymous whistleblowers. The channel is very stable in operation, and there are excellent opportunities for individual customization and design for each company.

Effective whistleblowing management is a strong contributor to healthy operations.

- Trude J Hagen, Intern Utredning, Gjensidige

Trude J Hagen

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