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Collaboration Partners

Through collaboration, we achieve synergies, where the outcome of the partnership is greater than the sum of each partner's individual effort. This leads to better solutions and improved results for our customers.

Grette has extensive experience in handling a variety of larger and smaller whistleblowing cases for both public and private enterprises.




Thommessen is one of Norway's leading business law firms with offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and London. Since our founding in 1856, we have been involved in numerous leading assignments in Norwegian business.


Fordelstorget coordinates purchasing agreements on behalf of 3,200 companies across 9 industry associations in the construction and building sector. Fordelstorget saves you both time and money. You get excellent purchasing terms on everything you need for your business.

Nettalliansen AS.

Nettalliansen consists of nearly 30 large and small network companies, making it one of the largest players in the Norwegian energy market.


Agenda Risk's vision is to support organizations and enterprises in conducting their operations in a responsible manner that contributes to supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to help move the world in the right direction.


Sense has extensive experience in assisting organizations with a wide and varied range of whistleblowing cases. No case is the same, but we believe that psychological expertise is necessary to ensure safe processes with the best possible outcome – especially in whistleblowing cases related to psychosocial challenges. It's about finding ways in which all parties, colleagues, and the work environment can put the case behind them, and move forward side by side, focusing on their tasks and deliverables, despite a challenging process.

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